Talent Acquisition

The war for talent is over. Talent won.

In de huidige wereld van digitalisering, innovatie en grote maatschappelijke veranderingen hebben organisaties talent nodig om future-proof te blijven. Dit vraagt een aangescherpte Talent Acquisition Strategy.

Unbiased. Inclusive. Talent Driven.

Grow yourself

"Talent acquisition is not about finding talent.

It is about activating it."

Wij bieden een unieke en innovatieve assessment tool die de wereld omtrent recruitment verrijkt. Die talent inzicht geeft in het actieve én inactieve talent om zo het potentieel van een high performers optimaal te benutten en vrij te spelen.

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Welcome to you.

We live in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world. In this world you cannot rely solely on road maps, checklists and models. We need something better.

Our brain is the most complex, sophisticated and efficiently built machine ever known. Shaped by an exceptionally long history of adaptive evolutionary forces, the brain is optimized to deal with the uncertainty around us. Indeed, we are hardwired for growth!

Our development assessments provide you with insights on how to leverage your brainpower. This will allow you to learn faster, connect more meaningful and exert a proactive control over your (future) career.

assessment training
we have optimised learning journeys for the following roles


Learn to manage your team more effectively. With authenticity, connectedness and an open eye for change and impact. We help you be a compass, not a navigational map.


Create more impact in the value chain by being a strategic thought leader for your clients. We help you co-create and co-qualify to boost sales performance.


Take up your role as a knowledge partner in a (corporate) world where you have to learn how to connect to your stakeholders while maintain ing your autonomy to get things done.


Develop a keen eye for new opportunities and the skillset to create the support for your implemented solutions. Learn to build a broad network of trustworthy relationships quickly.
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Align your work with your purpose.

We want to help you craft the career that matches your larger life ambitions. With our development assessment we help you discover what matters most to you and give you insight into your personal brain resources that help you accomplish that. This way you can stay on track in managing your personal and professional growth trajectory.

Research shows that those that match their work to their purpose are almost twice as happy as those who don't and are up to three times as likely to stay with the organisation they work for.

What will you find out?

Genetic drivers

You will get to your deepest core with our state-of-the-art DNA assessment. We will analyse your saliva to find those settings that were given to you by your parents. It's the type of information no questionnaire could ever find out.

Social drivers

Via an online questionnaire we will identify what you need to feel safe in relationships. You will learn more about how you can connect meaningfully to those around you and collaborate and innovate together effectively.

Personal drivers

These will show you wat sort of contexts and situations give you energy, and which will drain it. This online questionnaire is most akin to what you are used to in traditional assessment. Fully backed by science, of course!

Professional drivers

To help you make decisions on your role, the type of team and output you commit to, our online questionnaire will reveal your professional mindset. You will now understand why you feel engaged to some, but not other, professional challenges.

sustainable growth

Where does that lead?

Once you have discovered the complete picture of what drives you we can design a learning journey that utilises all those ingredients to get where you want to go faster.

Using the latest science-based interventions we will map the stepping stones that fit to how your brain works best so you'll be able to make the next step.
Take the next step
Data security
Privacy first

We will provide a safe learning environment.

We are committed to making sure you get the best out of your potential. That means that we have done everything to create a safe environment that is fully privacy proof and GDPR compliant.

This means that:

Practical information

Our development assessment consists of an online questionnaire and an (optional) DNA analysis from your saliva.

Personal navigator

Your journey will be supported by your own personal coach.

Actionable insights

We always translate your results into your work context for immediate impact.

Development plan

You receive science backed tips, exercises and methods to facilitate your growth.

Debrief session

You will always receive at least one personal debrief session about your results.

Virtual options

You can have your full journey virtually via online sessions if you prefer.

One-year access

You will have access to your online learning environment for a full year.


Find out what others experienced.

Every journey is different, but all BrainCompass journeys are characterised by a deep exploration of the self and remarkable results.

“A BrainCompass is a unique, intriguing and exciting reflection into your inner workings. It provides insight into your biological profiel (Nature) and how you grew up (nurture). On top of that you get a clear view on where you are currently (professionally) and where there is room for growth. I found the debrief session particularly valuable. I learned a lot but also recognised quite some things. The report is a great reference with a clear explanation and concrete development tips. My journey provided me with a complete and clear view of myself. ”

“As a starting point for my executive coaching, my Sales Compass offered me a unique perspective on myself. It brought me depth in my development goals. After reading up on the BrainCompass model I was trigged by their complete approach on talent development based on the latest neuroscientific insights. I was able to act upon the results immediately together with my coach. This has strengthened my self awareness and increased my self management skills because I now understand where my behaviour is coming from.”

“What a special experience to gain more insight into how my brain works through a BrainCompass with their integrated DNA analysis. It is not only a great methodology to understand why some things seem to come naturally to me, but also a great way to see how my environment shaped me as a person and how that impacts my behaviour. During my coaching sessions I received the right tools that build on my results and inspired me to make an important next step in my professional career.”

Start your journey now.

Here is a selection of populair journeys we offer so you can start directly:

Talent Mapping

Find out about your strengths and weaknesses and learn when, how and where to get the most out of them. You will get the development assessment and three personal sessions with your Certified BrainCompass Navigator (virtual or real-world).

€ 1.875,- (ex VAT)

Development Assessment Journey

Find out about your next step and about how to get there. Also relevant for outplacement and onboarding. You will get the development assessment and three personal sessions with your Certified BrainCompass Navigator (virtual or real-world).

€1.875,- (ex VAT)

High Impact Reflection

Sometimes, times are challenging. We help you reflect on who you are and how that translates to the challenges you face. It is better to prevent than to cure. You will get the development assessment and three personal sessions with your Certified BrainCompass Navigator (virtual or real-world).

€ 1.875,- (ex VAT)

Purpose Discovery

How to know what to do if you don't know where you are going? We'll help you zoom in on what matters most and create a clear path on how to get there. You will get the development assessment and three personal sessions with your Certified BrainCompass Navigator (virtual or real-world).

€ 1.875,- (ex VAT)

(Executive) Coaching

Leaders are (never) alone. Reflect. Rediscover. Redefine. Leadership is about connection. With yourself and those around you. We will be the sparring partner you've missed for so long. You will get the development assessment and five personal sessions with your Certified BrainCompass Navigator (virtual or real-world).

€ 2.475,- (ex VAT)

Custom journey

If you are looking for something else, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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