Our Story

Our Story

Our Mission?

We are making growth accessible for everyone.

We all have our dreams, ambitions and challenges in life. And while we are equipped with a unique tool to help us get where we want to go - our brain - reaching our goals is not always easy. Many of us can't do it alone. Which is OK!

However, asking for help can be scary and getting help can be expensive. In a world where adaptability and resilience is vital for organizations to survive and professionals to thrive, we believe it is crucial that we all have access to tools that help us get the most out of our brainpower.

That is why we are building a platform where you can get the best possible help based on how your brain works. Our technological approach and AI driven feedback systems keep the prices reasonable and accessible for everyone.


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Our goal?

To help 10 mln people leverage their brainpower and get the most out of their potential by 2025.

Building bridges

The best of three worlds.

BrainCompass was founded by dr. Wouter van den Berg, the first Neuro Economist in the Netherlands. During his PhD he found a way to bridge the fields of neuroscience and economics and came up with the foundations of the 'emergent self' model BrainCompass still uses today.

Wouter's interest in unlocking potential originates from his youth. Before his scientific career, Wouter was an aspiring professional soccer player. He represented the Netherlands twice in his youth career, and saw many talented players come and go.

He got convinced that to unlock potential, people require a personalised learning journey. We are all different and adapting the road to our goals to who we are, helps us leverage our talents so much more easily. That process starts with being honest to yourself and complete self-awareness and we are here to facilitate that!

Our beliefs

You are a diamond

Albeit cut or uncut, and comprised of many facets. We'd be honoured to help you polish them all.

It's about the connection

Foremost with yourself. But also with those around you that lift you up. We are in this together.

No growth without goals

Our brain needs to know which puzzle to solve to become aware of resources that can help.

Fail fast grow fast

Failing is an integral part of learning. It helps your brain identify what doesn't work to come up with a way that does.

Purpose is a journey

Self development is a never ending quest. It is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself.

We are here for you

Looking inside yourself could be scary, so you might need support from time to time. We are just one call away.

quotes that inspire us
  • Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

  • Life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself.

  • The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose in life is to give it away.

  • We do not think and talk about what we see. We see what we are able to think and talk about.

  • Make the change easy. Then make the easy change.

  • What better way to discover the unknown than to follow your instincts instead of your plans?

We are here to help

Wouter van den Berg

dr. Wouter van den Berg

Founder / Neuro Economist
Wouter spends his time developing and finetuning the BrainCompass model. He is also an (executive) coach, inspirator, team facilitator and boardroom challenger about how neuroscience should influence our talent development and people strategies.

Debby Hewitt

Head of Operations
With her focus on high-end delivery, Debby ensures a flawless BrainCompass experience for candidates and partners. She is the driving force behind our sustainable growth. Contact her if you have any questions about the how and the what.

Maudi Wagenvoort

Intervention Specialist
As an Organisational Psychologist, Maudi develops, designs and integrates interventions for your BrainCompass results. She is also a coach and team facilitator, putting theory into practice to create sustainable behavioural change.
Marieke Schreuder

Marieke Schreuder

Head of Business Development
Marieke is the person you go to when you need any ideas, advice or offerings related to talent mapping, talent activation or talent development. Her passion and vision will help you create a future-proof organisation with zero talent waste!

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