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How successful do you want to be in helping people grow?

We certify coaches, trainers, leaders, HR and L&D professionals to use our assessments and make more (and durable) impact in their people development efforts.


"The best intervention starts with the best development assessment."

Our development assessment offers you the complete picture of why people do what they do. We combine online questionnaires with an optional DNA analysis (from saliva) to measure both the impact of nature and nurture on our behaviour. It is a structured, fast, unbiased and judgement free approach to jumpstart a development journey.

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Your impact starts with creating self awareness

If you want to help people grow, you first need to help them reflect upon themselves, their potential and their behaviour. This empowers people to redefine how their assumptions, values, norms, and mental models from the past, shape behaviour in the present.

As such, self awareness opens up the pathway to growth and helps find new behavioural strategies for the future.

Our development assessment provides the complete picture of why people do what they do so you can get to the core faster and focus on what really maters: the intervention to help them grow.
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We would like to invite you to become a Certified BrainCompass Navigator

It is our goal to build the best development assessment you can imagine. However, self awareness is just a starting point of a bigger learning journey. Therefore, we hope you can help us make impact by embedding our development assessment into your interventions. Together we can help people achieve things they never deemed possible.

We see our partnership as a two-way street. That is why we spend a lot of time on energy in sharing knowledge and interventions together, and quality assurance to guarantee we both get the most out of our collaboration.
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Team interventions

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What will our will partnership look like?

Our online tools are easy to use and available 24/7

Our online platform is your one-stop access point. The full service environment provides all the data you need and allows gives you the opportunity to offer a hybrid learning journey because you can interact online via a chat-function and give exercises .

You get a broad product range with attractive pricing

To serve you to best attune to the development goals of the people you are trying to help we have created a product range with different levels. You can choose how deep you want to go. Attractive prices make our products available for everyone.

We help you to stay on top of your game

We don't claim to have the final answer to everything. This means that we will keep learning, and we make sure you will too. Once you are a Certified Navigator you will be invited to back-on-track and back-to-school sessions to keep your knowledge (and wisdom) up to date!

Join our inspiring ecosystem of navigators

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Our ecosystem of BrainCompass Navigators has proven to be a safe and inspiring place to share ideas, team up for larger programs, learn from each other and connect on a deeper level around L&D and HR related people topics.

Add cutting edge tools with a track record to your portfolio

Using state-of-the art tools is not only about marketing. When you add the BrainCompass development assessment to your intervention portfolio you can be sure you always use the latest scientifically validated methods that help you develop people fast and with durabele results.

Join us on our mission to make growth available for everyone

Many people think that the challenges they face to get the most out of their life are unique and very complex to solve. We believe that this not true. We just need some help in the process. That is why we want to make professional growth available to everyone via a cost effective and high-tech method.

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step 1: experience it for yourself

You can't help others if you don't understand yourself.

Every certified BrainCompass receives a complete BrainCompass for themselves. As Jung said: "We are all limited by our own personal biases and unexamined assumptions. Not all that seems true to even the most earnest and sincere investigator's consciousness is necessarily accurate knowledge."

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. We invite you to experience a BrainCompass for yourself at an introductory price to see if the certification program might be something for you.
step 2: certification program

Get fully trained and certified

To get acquainted with all the models, theories and methods incorporated in the BrainCompass development assessment, we have built a comprehensive 4-day certification program.

Brain Science

We will teach you the latest neuroscientific insights on how the brain works. We will cover topics like neuroplasticity, growth mindset and memory consolidation.

Emergent Self Model

We will train you into working with the emergent self model we use in our BrainCompass tooling. We will cover Instincts, Relationship Model, Energy Sources and Professional Mindset.

Brain Interventions

We will help you work with the results from a BrainCompass. We will cover four evidence based methods: Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mentalized Based Treatment, Strength-based-learning and Appreciative Inquiry.

Privacy and Compliance

Privacy is key. We will explain our process and help you set up yours so that you are also compliant to the latest privacy standards. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Practice sessions

We will provide enough practice cases to get you fully familiarised with implementing theory into real-world situations. This way you will be fully comfortable in your future debriefs.

Exam (theory & practical)

To make sure you are fully equipped to perform your BrainCompass debriefs, you will undergo a theoretical and practical exam. Then, you are ready to go!

Different ways of working together

We are all different, so let's find a way that create synergy.

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What our partners are saying.

We are building an ecosystem of high-quality partners to make sure the BrainCompass tooling is embedded into impactful interventions and learning journeys.

"BrainCompass is a fascinating and unique instrument, different compared to all other instruments I know. It allows for a conversation about nature and nurture, and how you choose to deal with the hand you've been dealt with. You can then rethink how you let it impact your behavior in the here and now. This leads to a different, more complete image of yourself. Subsequently, your (career) choices will be more effective and targeted to your goals."

Caroline van Frankenhuyzen
Caroline van Frankenhuyzen
Leadership Coach @ Karavanserai Amsterdam​
"It is my passion to develop people into high performers in high performant teams. BrainCompass gives me a clear view which is based on your own DNA. Within these insights you'll find answers related to what you need to help people grow further. And that is why collaborating with and using the instruments of BrainCompass is so valuable to me."

Douglas Huissen
Douglas Huissen
CEO @ SalesMoose
"A BrainCompass helps me narrow down the developmental questions my coachee has and connect it to the DNA (nature) and personal development (nurture) of the person I'm trying to help. I can adjust what learning journey I develop to the developmental phase and the competences of the coachee. Additionally, combining multiple personal results into team interventions gives me a direct opportunity to guide teams with laserfocus.”

Richard Hulshof
Founder @ HulshofTCP

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