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What would happen if your people perform at their best?

We help organisations get the most out of their human potential by helping them get the most out of their people. This not only facilitates business results, but also boosts employee engagement and almost doubles talent retention rates.


"If you want to grow your business you need to grow your people."

Our development assessment helps your people discover about their talents and learn how - and where - to put them to good use. Furthermore, it offers a great framework to boost the impact of the interventions you offer them in the rest of their learning journey, academy or development program.

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Unlocking human potential is the right and the smart thing to do.

Having a growth mindset is a key contributor to professional excellence in a fast paced, ever changing context. Knowing how your brain works unlocks this potential.

This requires both commitment from the individual as the organisation. Organisations create the safe learning environment for people to turn into high performers and serial masters.

Our development assessment creates the self awareness to do so and is the perfect stepping stone to jumpstart professional development and boost performance.
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Where do you want to make impact?


Resilient leaders and professionals score 22% higher in innovation, 19% higher in cognitive flexibility and 17% in team creativity.

Do your people know how to use their natural talents to overcome the challenges ahead?


Uncertainty and hybrid working bring challenges related to connectivity, belonging and trust. This is risky, because meaningful relationships reduce job stress (74%), and boost engagement (76%) and productivity (50%).

Do your people know how to craft meaningful relationships?

Life management

Organisations that shift from managing the employee experience to managing the life experience of their employees see a 21% increase in the number of high performers.

How are you empowering your people to craft their own future?

Hybrid working

Organizations that give their employees the autonomy and flexibility to manage their own location and time to work see 52% more high performers compared to organizations that don’t.

Are you sure your people have access to their inner compass to get the most out of the hybrid world?


Crisis is an evolutionary driver. Some will make it, some won’t. Organisations where their people grow the most in their ability to adapt, report 60% higher revenue growth than the rest.

Do your people know how to leverage their brainpower to grab the opportunities that will arise?

Talent retention

Research shows that those that match their work to their purpose are almost twice as happy as those who don't and are up to three times as likely to stay with the organisation they work for. ​

Are you sure your people are able to align their purpose with their professional role and context?

Grow yourself

From self awareness to sustainable new behaviour and impactful career choices.

Once your people are able to better reflect on themselves and align who they are with the organisation and strategic goals, you will be able to set up interventions to equip them with the skills, techniques and models to further develop specific capabilities.

It also empowers them to make the right career choices. This can be within, our outside of your organisation. And we believe that is both perfectly fine!
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From an ROI perspective, it is crucial that you understand why people do what to do because that determines which intervention will work - and which will fail. A BrainCompass distinguishes the four drivers of automatic behaviour and each source has its own type of effective intervention.

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Intervention Specialist BrainCompass
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End-to-end solution for people development.

Our development assessment is just the start for your people development efforts. You can embed it into your own people strategy, or we can help you with a full end-to-end brain based solution using the elements and building blocks below.

Growth Mindset

Made famous by prof. Carol Dweck from Stanford University, the concept of growth mindset empowers people to get into a learning mode and see experience as an opportunity to grow.


Learning requires challenges with clear goals. Our brain needs to know which puzzle to solve before it can go look for solutions. Goalsetting creates selective attention and faster learning.

Habit formation

If what you learn doesn't become part of your habits, it will not have sustainable impact. Leveraging the latest neuroscientific insights on neuroplasticity we help people develop behaviour that lasts.

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Standing on the shoulders of giants, we utiilise evidence based techniques from Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mentalized Based Treatment, Strength-based-learning and Appreciative Inquiry.

Holistic interventions

There are many way to tap into the brain. That is why we are open to a broad spectrum of holistic interventions. Interventions such as breathing techniques, Active Imagination (Jung) and Yoga Nidra offer unique ways to target our automatic brain.


You need to train your brain what works. By reflecting, showing grattidue and compassion, you will make sure your brain knows what future behavior, contexts and people to focus on to help build a durable learning journey.


What our clients are saying.

Over the years we have worked with many organisations to assist them in their mission to get the most out of their human potential.

"Wouter has been a great inspiration to over 400 people from the Facebook Central Europe team to embrace the Growth Mindset. With his passion and deep knowledge for the brain Wouter triggered us to think about what part of the brain is steering our behaviour, how to shift from the knower to the learner and the victim to the protagonist. He created awareness on limiting believes that keep us from having a growth mindset and become a learner, using our super power. A very valuable learning session that I highly recommend for teams who want to learn and grow!”

“Consultants need to have a wide and varied repertories of theory, models, concepts methods, techniques, tools and skills. Self awareness is a crucial part of this. This is why we work with BrainCompass. Insights into nature and nurture provides a literal compass to take charge in their professional development and take ownership over their professional identity. Their scientific foundation and precision, closely matches our mission and vision at Sioo. Contribute to the growth of the individual, organisation and society. Ant to our values: open, co-create and entrepreneurial.”

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