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Our development assessment reveals the complete picture

Self awareness is the key to growth, mental flexibility, resilience, creativity and successful collaboration. We have created a state-of-the art development assessment that explores both nature and nurture to help people get to the core of who they are.


"A good development assessment helps you to discover your complete self."

You answer a questionnaire and (optionally) provide your saliva for DNA analysis. We then map the automatic brain processes that drive your behaviour and emotions. We translate those insights to 20 motivational drives in 5 area's of competence.

We help you discover

Find out the complete picture of why people are who they are.

Before we can even think about unlocking potential, we need to understand why people do what we they do. Neuroscience teaches us that most our behaviour comes from the automatic brain. That part of the brain is driven by an operating model based on inherited traits and the lessons we have learned later in life.

Our development assessment reveals that model. We will translate it into the drivers of your automatic behaviour for different competence area's related to your professional role.

This produces actionable insights and is a great starting point for discovering and unlocking hidden potential.
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our development assessments cover the following competence area's





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Different development assessments for different needs.






Discover your attitudes towards the aspects of your professional role in a complex world.



Find out what motivates you from a personal and professional perspective.



Learn how your life experiences have shaped your view on relationships, personal, and professional preferences.



Get the complete picture of why you are who you are to gain access to all your (hidden) potential!



Identify the conditions and cirumstances that make you feel safe and connected when forming meaningful relationships.

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Included features

Our development assessment is a hybrid learning experience. People learn about yourself via our online platform. This journey is supported by a Certified BrainCompass Navigator.

Personal account

You will get your own secure account online. No need to email PDF documents.

One-year access

Re-visit your results as often as you want. Learn something new every time. Updates included.

Interactive reporting

Your get an online interactive report with your results, theory, tips, and more.

Certified Navigator

You get your own, personal Certified Navigator to help you during your journey.

Goal-setting included

We help you set a clear goal for your learning journey. Actionable results guaranteed.

Hybrid learning

Online exercises, virtual chat, and offline interventions: learn how you like and when you want.

Development assessments reinvented.

We have worked hard to come up with the most secure and effective way to help you unlock your potential.

Privacy first

We are the first and only assessment provider in Europe that has been fully audited by the Privacy Authority.

Since 2018, new GDPR guidelines require strict privacy assurances for the user. Our data collection, feedback sharing, and report generation processes comply fully. Bottom line: you are in control of your own data.

Deeper analysis

We are the only assessment in the world that is able to map both nature and nurture in a professional context. This means we can get to the core quicker than anyone else.

Our assessments circumvent our personal biases and provide a judgement-free mirror for self awareness. We literally save hours of soul-searching.

Science based

Standing on the shoulders of those who have studied human behaviour for years, we build on the latest scientifically validated methods to map your talents.

Both our assessment methods and the tools we offer to help you grow are evidence based. This ensures sustainable behavioural change and long-term impact.

BrainCompass is a great tool to make an effective start of the coaching journey. It provides a clear insight into the nature and nurture of my coachee. This allows us to choose direction immediately and update developmental goals accordingly.

Robert Jan Steinmetz
Director Frits Philips jr. & Partners

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